15 Interesting Maps That Will Change The Way You See Canada

    Discover a new side of Canada.

    1. Canada is a big, beautiful, and glorious country that has a lot of cute animals. This map, using data from Environmental Canada and Canadian Geographic, shows which animals populate each province and territory (and that those Canadian wildlife stereotypes are actually true).

    2. Did we mention it’s big? Canada is massive. This map shows how large Canada is compared to Australia.

    3. And this map shows how large Canada is compared to all of Europe.

    4. This map shows that most Canadians live near the U.S. border, leaving most of Canada still left to be inhabited.

    5. Seriously. Just look at this haunting map that shows where there are (in grey) and where there aren't (in white), roads in Canada.

    6. This map shows which Canadian cities share a similar climate with other international cities.

    7. And this map shows which foreign neighbours are geographically closest to different parts of Canada.

    8. This map shows what Canada looked like near end of the 19th century.

    9. And this one shows what it would look like now, if every province proposal had actually succeeded.

    10. This map shows the most popular language in each province and territory that isn't English or French.

    11. This map shows the 5 different winter time zones that span across the nation.

    12. And this map shows the auto-complete search terms Canadians in different provinces are googling.

    13. Speaking of online searches, this map shows which distinct keywords Canadians are using when looking for ~porn~.

    14. If we're talking about Canada, we can't ignore hockey. This map shows where most NHL players are born across the country.

    15. And this map highlights the best places in Canada to view the Northern Lights.

    Stay awesome, Canada.