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This Bald Eagle Fighting A Canada Goose Is Hilariously Symbolic

And a Canadian photographer caught it all on camera.

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Sometimes our neighbours to the south can be a little abrasive. And this sentiment couldn't be more true for these two feathered on-and-off friends: Douglas the Canada goose and Nathan the bald eagle.*

*We completely made up these names. Sorry to all the Nathans out there!

A violent incident between our two protagonists was caught on camera by Lisa Bell, an amateur photographer from Bowser, British Columbia. And we don't know what exactly happened, because we don't speak bird ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but here's what we assume:


Douglas was completely caught off guard. Just a moment ago, he was waddling by the side of his lake listening to his favourite true crime podcast and now he's facedown in the dirt. WHO COULD BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS?

After finally escaping from Nathan's cold clutches, Douglas lifted his beak to the sky and saw his attacker. It was none other than Nathan. Douglas quickly began squawking, trying desperately to assert his dominance.


Douglas soared over patchy grass. There was a smell in the air. It was the scent of war. Or maybe it was bird poop. It was probably bird poop. Anyway, the battle was on and Nathan wasn't far behind him.

He bowed his neck low to the water and felt a rush of cold water on his bum. He closed his beady eyes and remembered what his ancestors have been doing to defend themselves since the dawn of time. Since the dinosaurs. Douglas began violently hissing. Something took over him. Something ancient. Something haunted. He mustered all of his strength and then...

And Nathan took off. He was rattled to his core. Witnesses who were on the scene later told reporters they heard Nathan whisper "GIRL, BYE" before he left. He went home to tend to his wounds. To tend to his pride.