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Sep 24, 2018

Julia Child Invited You To A Dinner Party And You Only Have One Chance To Impress Her

Oh, what joy!

PICTURE THIS: You’re shopping at the farmers market in Paris when, while reaching for fresh loaf of bread, you accidentally bump into someone. You look up and there she is: Julia Child.

The French Chef / WGBH

You two exchange some witty banter about butter, and Julia is so delighted that she invites you to a dinner party at her house. The catch? The party is TONIGHT, and Julia wants you to bring something. “Impress me,” she says, laughing and throwing her head back.

The French Chef / WGBH

When you get home, you set your groceries down and hear your phone ring. It’s Julia. She tells you she’s making quiche Lorraine, French onion soup, and crêpes Suzette for the party. And she thinks boeuf bourguignon will be the perfect star dish.

The French Chef / WGBH

Your mission: Whip up some boeuf bourguignon to impress Julia, her husband Paul, and their guests. Ready? Let’s cook!

  1. What cut of beef will you be using in the stew?

  2. Are you going to brown the meat in a pan before putting it in the oven?

  3. What do you do next?

  4. You transfer the meat and liquid to a large pot. What do you add next?

  5. The pot is now coming to a simmer. What will you add next?

  6. Time for herbs! Which one are you adding?

  7. You’re forgetting something. What is it?

  8. What else?

  9. You season with salt and put the pot in the oven. Now, it’s time to braise the onions. What kind of onions will you use?

  10. What's the next step?

  11. Almost done! It’s time to focus on that sauce. You strain it into a saucepan and add salt and pepper. Now, how are you going to thicken your sauce?

  12. And finally, what are you serving it with?

This quiz is based on a real episode of The French Chef featuring Julia Child's own recipe!