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17 Reasons Why Shoppers Drug Mart Is Actually Better Than CVS

A national treasure.

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1. Ahhh, Shoppers Drug Mart. A store that is treasured by all Canadians. A guiding light, promising shelter, tampons, snacks, and trashy magazines to all who wander through those sliding doors.

BuzzFeed Canada // Shoppers Drug Mart / Via Facebook: shoppersdrugmart

2. And unlike CVS, Shoppers isn't simply a store. It's an experience. It's really a journey.

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3. And just like any journey, it's not always easy. It's not perfect. I mean, sure, they might not always get the displays right.


4. And ​sometimes they* forget their shopping carts outside… overnight… in the middle of the winter.

@FrozenMOVlE / Via Twitter: @FrozenMOVlE

5. But just like most things in life, you have to work for what you want.

@Bradleytilley / Via Twitter: @Bradleytilley

6. You have to overcome those obstacles and appreciate the little things. Like their sense of humour.


7. And their sweet, sweet deals.

@Aranthor / Via Twitter: @Aranthor

8. It's more than just a pharmacy. Imagine if a pharmacy, a Sephora, and grocery store had a baby. That's something really special. A special baby.

9. Not to mention, they've got some unique items that you really can't get anywhere else.

@shawndotturner / Via Twitter: @shawndotturner

10. You never know who you'll run into while you're there.

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11. Or if today is the day you'll make a new furry friend.

12. It can also put on one hell of a show. Grab some popcorn. Settle in.

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13. And they are truly a one-stop shop for all the holidays, especially Valentine's Day.

Just look at that little smile on this enormous fluffy bear!
@LauzonErin / Via Twitter: @LauzonErin

Just look at that little smile on this enormous fluffy bear!

14. But more importantly, they know when enough is enough.

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15. Now let's get down to the serious stuff. The real reason why we all go through this long, exhausting journey: The points.

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16. Because even though you might spend an ungodly amount of money while you're in there, you are always a little bit richer when you saunter outta there.

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17. I mean, would your dad ever get low-key mad at you for going to CVS without him?

@Kassdixon / Via Twitter: @Kassdixon

I don't think so.

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Thanks Shoppers! Now, back to business. Can I pay my rent in Optimum Points or what?