17 Crazy Delicious Foods From The CNE That’ll Make You Hungry

    Three words: RAINBOW. GRILLED. CHEESE.

    1. The Canadian National Exhibition is back in action. And it’s brought a bunch of delicious food items with it, such as this mouthwatering churro ice cream cone.

    2. This spectacular sushi burrito.

    3. This ooey-gooey rainbow grilled cheese.

    4. This dazzling Thanksgiving waffle.

    5. These frosted and fruity doughnuts.

    6. This hot-dog-inside-of-a-pickle-inside-of-a-corndog masterpiece.

    7. These golden nuggets of deep-fried cake batter.

    8. This sweet and salty churro cheeseburger.

    9. And this ramen burger that's a little ~extra~.

    10. This glorious sundae on a stick.

    11. This tangy key lime cone.

    12. These decadent fried raviolis.

    13. These deep-fried Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

    14. This cinnamon bun covered with candied bacon and pulled pork.

    15. This heavenly waffle ice cream sandwich.

    16. This enormous Yorkshire pudding.

    17. And finally, these over-the-top milkshakes.

    Bless you, Canadian National Exhibition. 😍