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13 Awesome Things Canadians Can't Stop Buying From Amazon This Week

This week: Yoda costumes, popcorn makers, and charcoal toothpaste!

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Amazon has a list of products called Movers and Shakers which is ~fancy talk~ for a list of items that are trending in Canada.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from that section this week:


3. This bold party game that will help you learn a little more about those friends of yours.


Promising review: "It's great if you love seeing your closest friends argue with each other trying to defend their pride and ego. I recommend this over Cards Against Humanity."– Amazon Customer

Price: $22.50

4. This inflatable pillow that is as durable as it is comfortable.

Promising review: "I brought this pillow on my five day kayak trip and it was great. I only wish I had brought a pillow case to put it in. The self inflating feature worked great!"– Tanya Caruso

Price: $26.88


6. This handy bamboo utensil set that is good for the environment and your kitchen.


Promising review: "After our one and only wooden spoon died in a blender accident, it's finally nice to have a good, manageable set. The quantity and variety are welcome in our kitchen. They are smooth, easy to wash, and store."– Kei

Price: $8.99

7. This multifunctional cosmetic tool that will gently clean the bristles of your makeup brushes without damaging them.


Promising review: "This has worked wonderfully so far for cleaning makeup brushes AND makeup sponges. It is quite large, and accommodates my largest powder brushes."– Marianne

Price: $2.37

8. This 20-pack of reusable cable ties that will make untangling a thing of the past.


Promising review: "I love these cables. All of my wires and extension cords look so much neater. These do a great job of wrapping them up."– Sweetlaur

The ties come in five different colours.

Price: $9.99


Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.