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    21 Holiday Gifts For Almost Everybody — And I Mean Almost Everybody — On Your List

    Bestie? Check. Coworker? Check. Hard-to-shop-for fam? Triple checkmate, baby.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!

    1. A travel mug to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. You'll be blessing someone with the gift of convenience and warm whatever-they're-drinking that actually stays warm.

    2. A sushi roll-inspired pack of socks that'll be a hit because everyone's always hungry for food-centric gifts.

    3. The New York Times Best of the Week Series: Monday Crosswords book to treat the word nerds in your life to a challenging, brain-teasing good time.

    4. A bottomless mimosa glass that'll make the brunch drinker you know feel SO. FREAKING. SEEN. They're gonna thank you from the bottom of their wine glasses (if they ever reach it) for gifting this.

    5. An Amazon gift card to treat people who never know what they want for Christmas, who are just hard to shop for in general, or loved ones who just have every freaking thing already.

    6. A set of kitty spoons with purr-ty paws that'll hang on the side of tea and coffee cups.

    7. A handheld milk frother that'll give your loved one perfect froth for all of their favourite coffee drinks right in the warm comforts of their home.

    8. A 52-week gratitude journal so they can allot a lil' time every day to reflect on all the beautiful things they have going on in their lives. This way, the holiday cheer you spread can actually be stretched out for an entire year!

    9. A bottle of Mike's Hot Honey that's the perfect combo of spicy and sweet and tastes so heavenly that they'll want to drizzle it on everything.

    10. A bestselling bath bomb set with 14 different scents, because we all need to bathe right?! You might as well help someone you love do it in the most beautiful way possible!

    11. A sleek cold-brew maker that'll make the morning joe just a fridge door swing away!

    12. An AncestryDNA kit that'll probably score big with ANYBODY. People are naturally curious about not only where they come from and who they're related to, but about small genetic fun facts about themselves that they didn't even think to ask!

    13. This pirate bottle opener that's perfect for your favourite matey! It can easily fit in your pocket and has an easy-open lever and a serrated foil cutter.

    14. This adorable popcorn popper that's designed to spread hot air evenly preventing accidental burning or unpopped kernels. They'll have perfect popcorn every single time!

    15. A pack of stickers that fans of the beloved show The Office will totally love and want to rip open to stick on their stuff as soon as they open the gift!

    16. A travel neck pillow that totally looks like an infinity scarf — but don’t let the appearance fool ya. The snug fit will ensure that the head and neck are positioned properly whenever a person is traveling and trying to sleep while sitting up on the go. It's only a half of a pound so it'll fit inside luggage easily and it's machine-washable.

    17. A genius egg cooker that can make six hard-boiled, soft-boiled, or poached eggs in under 10 minutes. They can even use it to cook an omelet.

    18. These "If You Can Read This, Bring Me Some Wine" socks for readers who want to let everyone know EXACTLY what the deal is when they're snuggled up with a really good page-turner.

    19. A set of high-quality water colour brushes to get the creative person in your life who can spend hours crafting, whether they're into it professionally, or just for fun!

    20. This mini donut maker that will keep their sweet tooth satisfied. It can make seven donuts at a time and has a non-stick surface that makes clean up a breeze.

    21. And finally, a stocking flask that will keep your friend in the holiday spirit ALL WINTER LONG.

    Live footage of them opening their presents and NOT being disappointed:

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