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    15 Slightly Terrible Things That Happen When You Break Your Collarbone

    *shampoos hair with one hand*

    1. Let's be honest: You didn’t even know you had a collarbone until you broke it.

    2. And explaining your injury to other people was annoying as hell because they didn't even know it was a thing either.

    3. You didn’t get a cast. You were stuck with a ~sling~ that made it look like you only had a minor wrist sprain.

    4. When really it felt like your arm was going to snap off at any moment.

    5. Because this is how you looked:

    6. But this is how you really felt:

    7. And since you didn’t have a cast for your friends to sign, you had to settle for some little custom decals or pins.

    8. Just glancing at your swollen collarbone grossed you out. It looked unsettling and sort of cool at the same time.

    9. But at least you had a good story about how you broke it. You probably did it while biking or skiing or doing something adventurous and cool like...

    10. Putting on a shirt or trying to find a comfortable sleeping position seemed almost impossible.

    11. And shampooing with a broken wing should really be considered an Olympic sport.

    12. If you weren’t ambidextrous, your writing made it look like you were five years old again.

    13. And even after everything had healed, you still suffered repercussions. To this day, seeing someone fall on their shoulder makes your heart stop.

    14. Because even the thought of breaking it again makes you want to walk straight into the ocean.

    15. So thank you, collarbones. We love you and we promise never to take you for granted again.