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15 President's Choice Items That Are Trying To Make A Fool Out Of You


1. This cereal that is like no other.

2. These cookies that come with instructions.

3. This sports drink that's just doing its own thing.

4. And this fizzy drink that in no way resembles another fizzy drink.

5. These tubs of butter that are not actually butter.

6. And this margarine.

7. This great-smelling soap.

8. These newly-designed burger patties.

9. And this innovative chocolate bar.

10. This chocolate chip granola bar that almost forgot what it's called.

11. This box of chicken wings that contains no chicken wings.

12. These uniform tortilla wraps.

13. And these tortilla chips.

14. This soda that took your favourite cookies and straight-up liquified them.

15. And finally, this.


Oops! A previous version of this post included a photo of a case of Cola from Sobeys. We have removed that photo.