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15 President's Choice Items That Are Trying To Make A Fool Out Of You


1. This cereal that is like no other.

@elijahyeates / Via Twitter: @elijahyeates

2. These cookies that come with instructions.

@KriistinaaS / Via Twitter: @KriistinaaS

3. This sports drink that's just doing its own thing.

@MrWrubleski / Via Twitter: @MrWrubleski

4. And this fizzy drink that in no way resembles another fizzy drink.

@SkyKrane / Via Twitter: @SkyKrane

5. These tubs of butter that are not actually butter.

@SavouryTooth / Via Twitter: @SavouryTooth

6. And this margarine.

@majouji / Via Twitter: @majouji

7. This great-smelling soap.

@benlamb1997 / Via Twitter: @benlamb1997

8. These newly-designed burger patties.

@FlyingDan / Via Twitter: @FlyingDan

9. And this innovative chocolate bar.

@RobSulea / Via Twitter: @RobSulea

10. This chocolate chip granola bar that almost forgot what it's called.

@Stylesgirl96 / Via Twitter: @Stylesgirl96

11. This box of chicken wings that contains no chicken wings.

@gracefulabode / Via Twitter: @gracefulabode

12. These uniform tortilla wraps.

@saroox / Via Twitter: @saroox

13. And these tortilla chips.

@Silly06 / Via Twitter: @Silly06

14. This soda that took your favourite cookies and straight-up liquified them.

@HuntrMacDonald / Via Twitter: @HuntrMacDonald

15. And finally, this.

@RedBoulder / Via Twitter: @RedBoulder


Oops! A previous version of this post included a photo of a case of Cola from Sobeys. We have removed that photo.

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