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    19 Of The Coolest Bars To Get Drunk At Across Canada

    ~glitter cocktails and secret passwords~

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about Canada's ~coolest~ bars from coast to coast. Here are some of their favourite, unique spots where you can get your drank on:

    Sarah Aspler for BuzzFeed Canada

    1. Noble in Halifax, Nova Scotia

    2. The Roost Social House in Winnipeg, Manitoba

    The Roost Social House / Via Facebook: theroostwpg

    "The bar boasts beautiful craft cocktails, small plates to share, and a gorgeous patio. This tiny bar is a favourite among younger people looking for a cozy place for cocktails at reasonable prices. It also doesn't hurt having your drink sprinkled with edible glitter!"


    3. NWT Brewing Company in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

    4. The Storm Crow Tavern in Vancouver, British Columbia

    @stormcrowtavern / Via

    "The night I went, everyone was playing board games! Also, some early '80s sci-fi movie was playing on TV and the drink menu was fantastically nerdy."


    5. Wild Rose Brewery in Calgary, Alberta

    6. Big in Japan-BAR in Montreal, Quebec

    7. Le Saint Sulpice in Montreal, Quebec

    Le Saint Sulpice / Via Facebook: LeSaintSulpice

    "I've only been once, several years ago, and I still talk about it. It has the most lovely garden patio that can seemingly fit hundreds! It was such a beautiful place yet still had the simple bar vibe that we all love. It's not often you get outstanding beauty and serenity along with the typical bar experience."


    8. Serve Ping Pong in Hamilton, Ontario

    9. The Split Crow Pub in Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Split Crow Pub / Via Facebook: SplitCrowPubHalifax

    "Everyone goes super early on a Saturday and gets day drunk before power hour, which offers $2.50 for a beer! Best time you'll ever have spending the whole day drinking and playing drinking games with your friends."


    10. Food & Liquor in Toronto, Ontario

    11. Big Bad John's in Victoria, British Columbia

    12. Blind Tiger Coffee Co. in Winnipeg, Manitoba

    13. The Shameful Tiki Room in Toronto, Ontario

    14. Union Local 613 in Ottawa, Ontario

    15. The Tannery in Fredericton, New Brunswick

    16. EXP Restaurant + Bar in Vancouver, British Columbia

    @expbarvancouver / Via

    "Nerdy-themed drinks and food. They even have fun events! Absolutely cool!"

    – Erika Helset (Facebook)

    17. Cilantro and Chive in Lacombe, Alberta

    18. To The Lost in Red Deer, Alberta

    19. Bartari Videogame Restaurant & Bar in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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    Nicky Zee’s (a bar in the Tannery area) has recently closed. A preview version of this post stated that it was still in business.