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15 Cool Products Canadians Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

This week: Herb infusers, hands-free umbrellas, and face masks!

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Amazon has a list of products called Movers and Shakers, which curates items that are ~trending~ in Canada.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from the section this week:


5. This stylish cookbook stand that you can fold right up and put away.

Promising review: "Brillant design! I have had many cookbook holders over the years but this one is fantastic! I use it not only for books but also for sheets that have recipes printed on them, and most holders couldn't accommodate that. I love how I don't have to take up my valuable kitchen counter space with a cookbook holder. It just folds up and I put it away!"– S Arnott.

Price: $22.99. Also available in green.


6. This set of vinyl coasters for anyone that loves records and coffee in equal measure.


The set includes six coasters.

Promising review: "I love these! They are so fantastic, and there is detailing that makes them actually look like mini records."– s.dueck

Price: $15.04.

7. This chili-shaped herb infuser that will add big flavour to your recipes.


Promising review: "When I made soups, I usually need to use bay leaves or anise stars, but putting them in the soup and trying to fish them out after became difficult. But then I got this! It looks better than using a cheese cloth and I'm overall more happy with this purchase. Plus, it gives my kitchen a little bit of style."–ambyBAMB33

Price: $15.49.

8. This genius umbrella that has a "C" shaped handle design so you don't have to actually hold it.

Promising review: "A cool umbrella! The handle makes it easier to carry, and I like how the water stays on the inside when it is closed."– April

Price: $29.99. Avaiable in eight colours and designs.

9. This sleek monitor stand that perfecly matches your phone and laptop.


Promising review: "This is one very nice looking stand! It has a matte finish, similar to most Apple products — so it will fit in with everything. You can easily fit a wireless keyboard underneath it. The design looks very 'space age.' It is sleek and modern-looking."– Light*Bright

Price: $45.99. Also available in rose gold, silver, and space grey.


10. This adorable taco truck that will hold your tacos so you don't have to.


Promising review: "I'm a taco fanatic and these are awesome as servers or for building your perfect taco. Would recommend this for anyone that likes to have a cool kitchen full of awesome!"– Kirk

Price: $17. Available in orange, too!

11. This natural bamboo and charcoal bag that absorbs and gets rid of gross odors FOR GOOD.


Promising review: "This product is a MIRACLE! I mistakenly left a package of chicken breasts from the supermarket in my brand new car... and then went on vacation for 10 days. I can't begin to describe how wretched the smell was when I got back. We aired out the car for days and it still stunk to high hell! I tried lots od different odor eliminators, which would temporarily helped, but the smell would always come back. I honestly thought my new car might be ruined. I got two bags of Moso and it really worked. After one week, the smell was significantly dissipated. And now, at the end of two weeks, it is virtually gone. Thank you for saving my car from dead chicken hell!"– JAC ESQ

Price: $13.95.

12. This box of band-aids that is a classy way to deliver a burn.


Promising review: "The best gift ever for members of my book club. Everybody thought it was beyond clever. One member said, 'It makes me want to go home and cut my finger, just so I can use one of these.' (She didn't.) It was certainly the conversation piece of the evening." — Linda Harris

Price: $10.99.

13. This indestructible lemon squeezer that comes with a smaller bowl for limes, kiwis, and other small fruit.


Promising review: "It's wonderful to get every drop out of your limes or lemons. I purchased this item as a gift for my mom and she absolutely loves it. It's very functional, and the handles are strong enough to help you squeeze easily. It's a great item for your home cook, or if you are getting older and find it harder to extract all the juices from limes or lemons."– Alan Ly

Price: $20.99.


14. This geodes crystal activity kit that actually encourages you to smash things.

The kit includes 10 crystal-filled geodes, safety goggles, display stands, and learning guide.

Promising review: "I got this for my six-year-old nephew who's obsessed with rocks. He loved it. I would buy other items from this line. I find it's better than buying toys that will be played with for five minutes than forgotten. So educational and fun!"– See The Willows

Price: $39.99.

Note: Prices are in Canadian dollars. Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.