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13 Cool And Useful Products Canadians Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

This week: Metallic cutlery, dinosaur costumes, and Korean beauty products!

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Amazon has a list of products called Movers and Shakers, which curates items that are ~trending~ in Canada.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from the section this week:


2. This pack of 10 hydrating masks for anyone who is obsessed with Korean beauty products.

Promising review: "These masks truly go on like a second skin and feel so comfortable. I tried all the different types and got good consistent results!"– Jocho

Price: $25.45.

4. This baby bottle drying rack that's actually super cute.


Promising review: "I love this thing! There's enough room to dry all the breast pump parts plus a few bottle and teething toys. We have a cat that climbs everywhere and no counter is safe from him, so knowing he can't step all over the baby's things while they dry gives me peace of mind. It looks great too, adding a pop of green in my kitchen! I'll probably keep using it for other small things that can't go in the dishwasher after the baby is grown."– Genevieve L.

Price: $13.57.


6. These waterproof shoe covers that will protect your kicks from rain, mud, and snow.


Promising review: "The bottom part is made of thick rubber and they have zippers on each side so they're easy to put on. They're perfect to have in your car or purse, just in case!"– Alina

Price: $23.99. Also available in black.

7. This retro cassette tape bookmark for when you need to ~pause~ in the middle of a chapter.


Promising review: "I have received sooooo many compliments on this bookmark. The magnets work perfectly and they do not mess up the pages. I love that they come with a ribbon, too!"– Rose53

Price: $7.50.

8. These mirrored cat eye sunglasses that you've been seeing all over Instagram.

Promising review: "These sunglasses are absolutely beautiful. I was impressed with the quality for such a great price. I'm totally going to order them in silver, too!"– Amazon Customer

Price: $16.99. Also available in 17 other colours.

9. This collapsible microwave cover that will prevent any sort of a splatter situation.


Promising review: "It works really well! It also keeps in a bit of moisture so foods don't dry out as much. Plus, it flattens completely so it's easy to store!"– jerry6

Price: $11.99.


10. This powerful spiralizer that will make short work of zucchinis, carrots, beets, and more.

Promising reviews: "I've been spiralizing veggies and fruit almost non-stop since I got this nifty device. It's just so much fun! The resulting spirals make wonderful salads and noodles and spiralized fruit toppings on cereal take the monotony out of what used to be a boring breakfast."– Angela N.

Price: $45.05.

11. This outrageous adult board game that's perfect for anyone who loves weird and gross jokes.


Promising review: "I bought this game for a game night with a bunch of friends. We were trying to find something different than Cards of Humanity and while this game is a little similar, everyone thought it was hilarious and really liked it! I'm sure it will get played again on future game nights!"– J. Hansen

Price: $32.95.

12. This nude eyeshadow palate that has both shimmer and matte shades.


Promising review: "I love this palette! The variety of matte and metallic shades were just what I was looking for. The quality of the eyeshadow isn't super pigmented, but it's pretty great for the price. I like the magnetic lid for the case which includes a mirror, and was impressed by the quality of the brush that is included."– Trulyamazed

Price: $17.50.

13. And finally, this inflatable dinosaur costume that you should definitely wear year-round.

Promising review: "It's a freakin' dinosaur you can ride! So many costume ides: banana riding a dinosaur, cowboy riding a dinosaur, dinosaur riding a dinosaur, viking riding a dinosaur, Marlon Brando riding a dinosaur – the possibilities are endless!"– Mark M.

Price: $44.99.