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21 Reasons Why St-Hubert Is Actually Better Than Swiss Chalet

Two words: Sauce Fountain.

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1. Ahhh, hell yeah. The beautiful red glow of St-Hubert. It acts as a beacon, drawing in Canadians from near and far.

2. They don't have these babies everywhere, so when you stumble across one, it feels like Christmas came early.

3. They serve up some killer items that are hard to find anywhere else. And don't let their appearances weird you out. They're delicious.

4. And they use real cheese curds; Not that shredded garbage cheese you might find in other places. They do it right.

5. Not to mention, they will put chicken on just about anything.

6. And they don't let you get hungry while waiting for your meal to arrive. Sure, it's just coleslaw but it's still something, OK?!

7. And maybe you don't get a fancy bread basket with artisanal rolls or whatever, but free bread is free bread.

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8. They might serve you plain white buns but they've also got some pretty sophisticated items on the menu.

9. But they've still got a sense of humour.

10. And yeah, yeah. We know. Swiss Chalet has their ~amazing~ tangy sauce but is it unlimited? I didn't think so.

11. Does Swiss Chalet have adorable delivery cars? Nahhh.

12. Do they serve their kids’ meal in cute boxes? No? That's what I thought.

13. Speaking of kiddos, some locations have tiny play areas where you can ditch your offspring while you go treat yourself to another glass of wine.

14. And when the meal is over, you can take a little piece of heaven home with you.

15. Or pick it up at the store.

16. Or get some fo' free when you go buy more wine.

17. It would be criminal to ignore their dessert menu. Can't decide? Order the shot glasses. The shot glasses full of sugar.

18. Or go all the way and order a pouding chômeur for yourself.

19. And maybe a slice of sugar pie too, just because it's been a long day.

20. But only real St-Hubert fans know that the real gem of the dessert menu is something a little more simple.

21. Because honestly, this was and continues to be the fucking best thing ever.

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Clown sundaes 4ever.