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23 Times Canadian Tinder Got Super Weird

"In a past life you had to be a carrot."

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1. When someone familiar popped up in your matches:

2. And when someone not-so-familiar showed up too:

Such handsome. Much mysterious.

Such handsome. Much mysterious.

3. When robots who lacked creativity tried to find a connection:

4. And when profiles looked a little like this:

5. When, after months of swiping, you finally found a suitable match:

6. Which was lucky, because before then, you had to swipe through so many not-so-suitable matches:

7. Like the very original hockey bro:

8. And the poet:


9. The athlete:

10. And this woman:


11. The nature-lover:

12. And just about everybody in between:

"Just love the Tinder in Canada"
Via Twitter: @anazard

"Just love the Tinder in Canada"

13. But it was all worth it because when you finally find someone interesting, sparks began to fly:

14. And sharing facts about Canada becomes weirdly flirtatious:

15. When some users believed that the way to someone's heart is through their love of puns:


16. And shockingly, when those puns actually worked:


17. When one Canadian opted for a clever conversation opener:


18. And another one just went for it, and SOMEHOW it worked — even for a fuckboy:

19. When things got a little harsh:

20. And when things got a little graphic:

21. When a couple lines of text showed you that romance isn't dead:


22. And when you finally learned that yes, you can find love:

23. As long as you share some common interests: