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Updated on Sep 13, 2019. Posted on Apr 29, 2017

Can You Actually Remember Your Grocery Store Shopping List?

Because you forgot the list at home, AGAIN.

Hear that grumbling sound? It's your stomach telling you that the fridge is empty and it's time for grocery shopping!

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Take ONE LAST GLANCE at your shopping list before you inevitably forget it at home. Focus on memorizing the list because it will be visible for only 30 SECONDS!

Time's up!

Grab a shopping cart, hit those aisles, and stock up! Your mission is to pick up the exact items (and quantities) that were on your shopping list.

Ready? Let's go!

  1. What kind of citrus
    is on your list?

  2. What about milk?

  3. How many apples are you supposed to get?

  4. What about bread?

  5. Which meat product
    is NOT on your list?

  6. How many cloves of garlic should you grab?

  7. What kind of pepper
    is on your list?

  8. Which veggie is NOT on your list?

  9. Wait! Aren't you forgetting something from the dairy aisle?