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Updated on Aug 7, 2018. Posted on Jul 24, 2017

Can You Spend More Than $1 At McDonald's IN THE YEAR 1955?

Time traveling sure does work up an appetite!

GREAT SCOTT! You stumbled upon a time machine and have the opportunity to travel to any period of time in the HISTORY OF SPACE AND TIME! Where do you want to go?


Come again? You want to travel to the first McDonald's restaurant in 1955? Huh. That's specific. But we're not here to judge. You might as well grab some food while you're there!


Place your order below. And go crazy! You've got the money to spend!

Pssst! The prices used in this quiz are based on the actual menus from the first-ever McDonald’s franchise. Pretty cool, huh?

Enough talking! Let's eat!