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    17 Shocking Similarities Between "Mean Girls" And "Angela Anaconda"

    Before there was Regina George, there was Nanette Manoir.

    1. The leading lady: Cady Heron and Angela Anaconda

    The young redhead protagonists who were the ultimate underdogs.

    2. The dream guy: Aaron Samuels and Johnny Abatti

    That hair. Those eyes. Yeah sure, maybe they weren't the smartest kid on the block but you saw their hair right?

    3. The BFF: Janice Ian and Gina Lash

    These chicks were the smart, artistic, and badass BFFs who always told it like it was. They never let anyone make fun of their appearance... and get away with it.

    4. The wild card: Kevin G and Gordy Rhinehart

    These dudes were't the most macho or attractive, but they had a lot going for them. They both had weird hobbies like rapping or figure skaking, and more importantly, they never let the haters get them down.

    5. The queen bee: Regina George and Nanette Manoir

    Do I really need to say anything? These girls ran the school. They were both manipulative, snobbish, and blonde AF.

    And then there was...

    6. The cool mom: Mrs. George and Mrs. Manoir

    These moms were not like your regular moms. These ladies were decked out in pink sweatsuits/pantsuits and always had a chihuahua waiting for them in the backseat of their convertibles.

    7. The teacher: Ms. Norbury and Mrs. Brinks

    These ladies had to put up with a lot of shit and were still encouraging of their students. And only one of them sold drugs (probably).

    8. The coach: Coach Carr and Coach Rhinehart

    They were both coaches who stood in front of chalkboards. Ugh, OK. Maybe this one was a stretch.

    9. The four-leaf clover: Damian Leigh and Damian Leigh

    Damian is simply one-of-a-kind and it would have been CRIMINAL for us to leave him out.

    But seriously there are some more real similarities...

    10. Like Regina and Nanette's houses.

    OK you're rich. WE GET IT.

    11. And more specifically, their bedrooms.


    There was also the fact that...

    12. Both main characters did not hold back when it came to costume parties.

    13. And they had some pretty creative imaginations.

    14. They also spent their fair share of quality alone time in the girls bathroom.

    15. And gave you some serious relationship goals.

    16. Lastly, let's just leave this here for a hot second.

    17. And this.

    Soak it in, people!