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    Posted on Dec. 29, 2015

    We Need To Talk About The Free Bread At East Side Mario's


    It's time that Canadians stand up and formally thank the unsung hero that has been blessing us with its greasy presence since our childhood: The free, warm bread from East Side Mario's.

    Because in all honestly, it's the shit.

    Via Twitter: @KonnorHuard

    Don't fight it.

    Not only is it warm and buttery and garlicky, it's unlimited.

    Via Twitter: @jessica_elL

    Did I stutter?

    And it's probably smart to stock up because it usually takes a billion years for your actual meal to arrive.

    But everyone should know by now that the ultimate hack is to completely fill up on salad and bread and just take your meal home with you.

    Via Twitter: @fuisefh

    Just gimme a takeout container and roll me to the car, please.

    Or just go ahead and straight up steal the bread.

    Via Twitter: @itsnury

    Canadians have been doing it since the dawn of time. Backpacks are preferred (for quantity) but purses also get the job done.

    Or just shove it down your pants.

    Via Twitter: @sandrahancox_

    It'll keep you extra warm during those long Canadian winters.

    But maybe we have gone too far. Maybe we, as a species, have abused this free carby offering and turned into savages.

    Or maybe we've just become what we have always been destined to be.

    Via Twitter: @BtDupont

    Pass my the fucking bread knife, Kevin.

    We will defend both ourselves and our bread from evil forces.

    And cherish the things in life that makes us the happiest.

    Dat bread, dough.

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