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    Jul. 30, 2015

    15 Reasons Why Baby Seals Are The Most Adorable Stoners

    Chill out, man.

    1. Incase you didn't know, baby seals are some ~pretty chill~ animals.

    2. And they're pretty damn adorable too.

    3. They're all about the positive vibes.

    4. And are constantly on the look out for food.

    5. They have some lazy tendencies.

    6. And freak out whenever they hear someone sneaking up on them.

    7. They can get a pretty serious case of the giggles...

    8. And then suddenly have no idea what's going on.

    9. They love sliding around in snow cause it's so cold and they're like “woooooaaaaaaah."

    10. They are natural rollers.

    Get it?

    11. They lay back, relax and enjoy the ride.

    Wait – did something just touch my nose?

    12. Seriously, they spend 90% of their life looking for their next meal.

    13. Look at how hungry this poor baby seal is!


    14. But after they eat, they are feeling gooooooood...

    15. And not taking things too seriously.


    Because there isn't much to worry about when you are an adorable marshmallow fluff.

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