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15 Cool Products Canadians Are Buying On Amazon This Week

This week: Coffee vaults, shell purses, and corgi butt pillows!

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Amazon has a list of products called Movers and Shakers, which curates items that are ~trending~ in Canada.

Here are some of the coolest and most useful products from the section this week:


1. This coffee vault that will make sure your brew is fresh AF.


Promising review: "This works absolutely great for coffee! It keeps it stored, fresh, and even comes with a 'timer' so you can easily see when your coffee needs to be tossed or changed. If you don't go through coffee super quickly, this is a really great product. The design is lovely and sleek. I like how easy to fasten and unfasten it is, if you have pain issues or muscle issues this is very easy to open and close."– S. Westley

Price: $16.91.

2. This makeup brush set that will have you channeling your inner ~unicorn~.

Promising review: "Not only are these unique, but they're the best quality brushes I've seen for this price! The tips are secure and soft, but most importantly, they get the job done. It took a over a week for them to arrive, but if I were to lose them, I would buy these again. I love the colours and their functionality! I also love that no one I know has anything like these."– Amazon Customer

Price: $18.50.

3. This funny (yet profound) best-seller that will give you a refreshing take on what self-improvement is.


Promising review: "Although I bought this book to learn how to 'care less' about certain things, I ended up learning so much more. It's a surprisingly profound book that has made me look introspectively on what I prioritize in life. I wasn't prepared for that, but I needed it."– Aaron Rohrke

Price: $14.76. Also available in hardcover, kindle edition, and audio CD.


7. This charcoal beauty bar that will get that junk out of your pores.


Promising review: "The active charcoal in the bar makes your skin feel tingly and squeaky clean. It also makes an excellent exfoliator for the whole body!"– Alea

Price: $5.99.

8. These stainless steel meat claws that will make short work of that pulled pork.


Promising review: "These meat handlers are fantastic! I've used others before that are made of plastic and these are superior to any I've used before. Also, holding them in your hands make you feel powerful, like Wolverine!"– Duane

Price: $23.99.


11. This pack of soothing essential oils that includes peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus, orange, tea tree, and lemongrass.


Promising review: "I bought my wife a diffuser for her birthday because it's something she's really wanted for a long time. The diffuser would be useless without oils to put into it, so I searched for a "'ample pack,' so that she would have a variety to choose from when first starting out. She loved all the scents included in this and in particular actually really loved the box they came in!"– Sean

Price: $23.90.

12. This pack of 16 gold tattoos that will make your bachelorette party a hit.

Promising review: "These tattoos are BEAUTIFUL! My girls and I didn't want to remove them until the bachelorette weekend was over! They definitely look even better in person."– Amazon Customer

Price: $12.99.

13. This enormous gaming mouse pad that will give you more surface area and less resistance.


Promising review: "I absolutely love this giant mouse map. I'm a traveller and a huge tech person so I wanted a big mouse pad to fit my set up. It looks amazing and the quality is sturdy and soft. It fits on my desk perfectly, the mouse slides easily and most importantly, the mouse pad stays in place! I highly recommend this to everyone!"– Stefanie

Price: $19.99. Also available in 12 other designs.

14. This pack of slim ice packs that will keep those packed yogurts and fruits chilly until lunch.


Promising review: "These are great! They are thin enough not to take much extra space in the kids' lunches and just the perfect size for their lunch boxes. I used these for over two years and just bought more because a couple were lost at school over the years."– Momof3

Price: $6.08.

To see what else is trending on Amazon, check out its Movers and Shakers section!

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