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For Anyone Who Needs Coffee Crisps The Way They Need Oxygen

How do you take your coffee? Crisp.

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Behold, the Coffee Crisp. A Canadian chocolate bar that effortlessly combines two of our biggest vices – chocolate and coffee.

Oh hot damn.
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Oh hot damn.

If you're somehow reading this and never had one before, imagine a KitKat on steroids that's infused with the ridiculously rich taste of coffee.

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And no, it's not mocha. It's more than that. It transcends mocha.

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The bar is composed of flakey wafers of chocolate and coffee and a bunch of other magical, mysterious stuff.

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Let us break it down for you:

Sarah Aspler / BuzzFeed Canada

It's part of a balanced breakfast and is totally acceptable to eat in the morning. I mean, it literally has "coffee" in the name.

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And it's a rare Canadian gem that isn't available everywhere.

Sorry, America.
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Sorry, America.

So smuggling them to friends in different countries happens pretty frequently.

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Because once you've tried one, you can never go back. You're hooked.

The classic yellow packaging is pretty dope but their Halloween packaging is sexy as hell.

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Speaking of Halloween, kids don’t usually like the coffee flavour, so parents get to keep all the mini bars to themselves.

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But it’s more than just a bar. This sweet delight can be consumed in so many different forms. Like, in little adorable bites.

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Or melted into hot chocolate.

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Or mixed into milk.

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And just about everything else.

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Like, seriously.

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Three words: Coffee Crisp Pizza

The chocolate bar itself also comes in different flavours, but true fans know there's nothing like the original.

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Because no matter how many times you have one, it always feels like the first time.

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And you never want to let that feeling go.

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Thank you, Coffee Crisps, for always being there when we need you.

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