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    26 Things Only Kids Who Grew Up Playing Road Hockey Will Remember


    1. Sprinting out of your house every time you heard someone yell "game on!"

    2. Picking sticks out of a pile to determine teams.

    3. Lying down on the pavement while your buddy clipped up the back of your goalie pads.

    4. Yelling "car!!!" every time someone pulled onto your street.

    And dragging the net on and off the road.

    5. Feeling awkward about going to get the net when the person who owned it wasn't home.

    6. Injuring yourself on Rollerblades and having to switch back to playing with regular shoes.

    7. Finally scoring on the team with all the older kids.

    8. Getting to wear whatever you wanted to because there was no heavy equipment to hold you back.

    9. Having your spontaneous pick-up game quickly turn into a full-blown tournament.

    10. Accidentally hitting a parked car and nearly peeing your pants.

    11. Celebrating when you found the perfect flat street to play on.

    12. Or when you threw caution to the wind and played on a hill.

    13. Not having to wear pinnies because you just kinda knew who was on your team.

    14. The awesome feeling of finally upgrading to a new net and getting rid of your dirty, dented one.

    15. Flipping out at your neighbour when they ran over your stick with their car.

    16. Keeping the neighbourhood dog away from the ball proved to be quite the challenge.

    17. And getting it out of sewer was even harder.

    18. Coming home with soaked shoes from playing in not-so-ideal conditions.

    19. Getting a little creative when your team was down a player.

    20. Like really creative...

    21. Completely wrecking your stick and having to go buy a new one for ice hockey.

    22. Getting mad when your mom called you in for dinner but the game wasn't over yet.

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    23. Leg scrapes.

    24. And bloody noses.

    25. AND other nice little souvenirs from the game.

    26. But in the end, all the wounds were worth it.

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