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19 Signs You're Olaf From "Frozen"


1. You get distracted easily.

2. You love animals.

3. You feel like you're falling apart sometimes.

4. You take pleasure in the simple things.

5. You're accident-prone.

6. You're a drama queen.

7. You're blissfully unaware.

8. You're always the last one to know.

9. You love gossiping.

10. You adore hot chocolate and hot tubs.

11. You can find humor in any situation.

12. You're a romantic.

13. You go out of your way to help friends.

14. You have trouble keeping up appearances.

15. You're impatient.

16. You really are a love expert.

17. You're clever as hell.

18. You love to party.

19. And you like warm hugs.

BRB praying that Olaf gets his own movie.