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    18 Signs You're The Only Canadian In Your Friend Group

    As told by Robin Scherbatsky aka Robin Sparkles from How I Met Your Mother.

    So your friend group has been blessed with your Canadian presence. That's pretty cool.

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    You're welcome, friends.

    But being the only Canadian in the group can have its ups and downs.

    1. Your heart breaks every time you realize you have no one to celebrate Canada Day with.

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    It's just another Wednesday to them.

    2. Your friends always point out when you say "eh?" in conversation.

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    There's no need to be a jerk aboot it.

    3. They always expect you to be the polite one.

    4. When in reality, you are equally as crazy as or even more psycho than they are.


    5. You're constantly trying to impress them with facts about Canada, but they never seem to care.

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    6. You just have to sit there and take it when they make all the riding-polar-bears-to-school and living-in-igloo jokes.

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    And no, I never had a pet moose.

    7. You completely lose it when they make fun of hockey, question the quality of Tim Hortons, or laugh when you say "sorry."

    8. And just when you think they've run out of jokes...

    9. ...they think of another one.

    10. You also get blank stares from them when you ask simple, innocent questions, like "Where's the washroom?"

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    Bathroom? Washroom? Whatever, same thing.

    11. And you are forced to live with a variety of other cultural differences.

    12. Not to mention the fact you have to deal with the dreaded horror of not understanding the hype of college basketball.

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    Go Bobcats? Oh god. Is that even a team?

    13. Sometimes it can feel pretty lonely.

    But don't forget about all the perks that come with being Canadian!

    14. You can help share the greatness of Canada with others.

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    Even if they don't want to.

    15. And represent Canada in friendly debates about which country is better.

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    It's pretty clear who the winner is, but we should give them a fair fight anyways, right? I mean, it really is the polite and Canadian thing to do.

    16. You can impress them with those two sentences of French you remember from school.

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    Or completely blow them away by actually speaking the language fluently.

    17. At the end of the day, remember that you're one amazing person who hails from one amazing nation.

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    Oh (yeah), Canada!

    18. And your friends are lucky to have you!

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