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17 Things That Happen At Your First Spin Class

They see me rollin' they hatin'.

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1. You decide to try a spin class cause you've only heard great things. / Via Giphy

A spin class is kinda like biking - right? Everyone likes biking.

2. You walk inside the classroom and choose a bike near the back. / Via Giphy

Always have an exit strategy.

3. You suddenly become intimidated when you see people with fancy shoes with clips. / Via Giphy


4. You become panic-stricken when the lights go off. / Via Giphy

Death has come for me.

5. You notice no one else looks scared so you decide to play it cool. / Via Giphy

Darkness means no one can see how sweaty and gross you get!

6. You refuse to raise your hand when the instructor asks "Is anyone new?" / Via Giphy

Attention? No thank you.

7. You struggle adjusting your bike while praying that no one is watching you. / Via Giphy

Nothing to see here folks.

8. You finally mount the bike and get ready to go! / Via Giphy

Look ma! No Hands!

9. You form a love-hate relationship with the giant fans. / Via Giphy

Hair in the mouth should be avoided at all times.

10. You finally get into your groove and you're flying! / Via Giphy

Pshh, I got this!

11. You begin to fade after 10 minutes. / Via Giphy

That was fast.

12. You catch a glimpse at the clock. / Via Giphy

WHAT?! 50 more minutes?

13. You drop your resistance and cruise for the rest of the class. / Via Giphy

I am so done.

14. Then you get some "motivation" from the instructor. / Via Giphy

Please use your indoor voice.

15. But you finish and leave the classroom feelin' sweaty but accomplished. / Via Giphy

Hells yeah I did it.

16. You wake up the next day feeling like you've been hit by a truck. / Via Giphy

Get ready not to sit on anything for the next 24 hours.

17. And after all that, you go back next week because you learn to love it. / Via New Line Cinema

Doin' it for the booty.

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