Which Evan Peters Character Are You From “American Horror Story”?

“It’s a filthy world we live in.” — Tate Langdon, Murder House

    1. Murder House
    2. Asylum
    1. Coven
    2. Via FX
      Freak Show
    1. Adam Levine
    2. Neil Patrick Harris
    1. Darren Criss
    2. Via FX
      Eric Stonestreet
    1. Via ThinkStock
    2. Via ThinkStock
    1. Via Lorimar Productions
    2. Via ThinkStock
    1. Via Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images
    2. Via Keystone / Stringer / Getty Images
    1. Via Carlos Alvarez / Stringer / Getty Images
    2. Via Tim Burton Productions
    1. Via NBC
      Law and Order: SVU
    2. Via AMC
      Breaking Bad
    1. Via AMC
      The Walking Dead
    2. Via ABC
      Grey’s Anatomy
    1. “The freaks shall inherit the earth.”
    2. “Your boy has a jawline for days.”
    3. “Normal people scare me.”
    4. “All monsters are human.”
    1. Tate and Violet
    2. Kit and Grace
    1. Kyle and Zoe
    2. Via FX
      Jimmy and Maggie

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