Can You Guess The Urban Dictionary Definition Of These Words?

*splashes holy water on screen*

    1. “Eminem’s long lost father”
    2. “The guy who rapped ‘Ice Ice Baby’”
    3. “An ice cream flavor”
    1. “A very bad joke played on all of us by Tim Burton”
    2. “A sexual activity involving three people, one passive and two active males”
    3. “One of the greatest singers in the world, imho”
    1. “A visual representation (pre-emoji) of sperm coming out of a penis”
    2. “A letter in the alphabet”
    3. “A letter Apple really seems to enjoy putting in front of every single product they sell”
    1. “An updated version of the Messiah. He has laser eyes”
    2. “Jesus version 2.0, the second coming”
    3. “A horrible movie released in 1979 directed by John Heyman”
    1. “When a guy has a boner while spooning his girl”
    2. “A game in which two or more players compare knives; the player with the largest knife is the winner”
    3. “A game in which two people fight with knives and spoons”
    1. “A character on South Park”
    2. “A California heroin addict who stole cookie money from a Girl Scout troop”
    3. “To get screwed out of something that is rightfully yours”
    1. “Soft, cute, playful with fangs and claws”
    2. “Something single people collect”
    3. “The devil reincarnated”
    1. “The sound a duck makes”
    2. “A doctor of questionable ability and reputation”
    3. “A noise made during sex”
    1. “Another worthless site on the internet”
    2. “A goldmine of quizzes we all shamelessly play”
    3. “When Barack Obama used to smoke pot at 2:00 a.m., self-confessed at WHCD 2013”

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