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    • saraf16

      “Dean and Cas have this amazing bond. There’s… lot of fanfic.” Now, while there’s lots of fanfic on basically *everything*, from Dean and Cas to Cas and Meg to Sam and Sarah or Amelia or Gabriel, and the list goes on, and while that’s all legitimate fan work and that’s all nice, etc.,Iwould say something more along the lines of: “Dean and Cas haveaprofound bond, they’ve been through everything together and care deeply for each other”.  In my experience that’s one of the many reasons whyalot of people *actually* like Cas-and his relationship with Dean-so much, rather then reducing it to fanfiction (by whichIunderstand you mean porn…) and perpetuatingaharmful stereotype. Besides, Dean and Cas do have an “amazing bond”, so it’sabit suspicious that whether this is just for laughs or not, we can’t talk about it or even just joke about it openly and we have to deflect to something else.  Moreover, and this is important, there are ways to include humor without reinforcingatwisted and partial view that constantly damages both LGBT+ and non- viewers and the media in general. P.S.: while getting to see your favourite characters drunk once inawhile can have its hilarious sides,Ialso don’t think thatastoned, depressed, suicidal Cas qualifies as funny at all. Evidently we disagree.

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