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Why Castiel Is Everyone's Favorite On "Supernatural"

Whether he's good, evil, or being controlled by another entity, this angel is Supernatural's clear standout. Thank Cas he's back for good.

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1. First things first: he knows how to make an entrance.

2. Intentionally or not, he flirts with EVERYONE.

3. He and Dean have this amazing bond. There's ... a lot of fanfic.

4. (I'll, uh, just leave this here.)

5. He's full of fun historical facts.

6. He's limber.

7. He's delightfully bad at pop culture references.

8. And finds porn to be confounding.

9. He's also not great at going undercover.

10. I mean, he's kind of like a big puppy. And it's precious.

11. He and Meg were so adorably inept at flirting. Aww.

12. He learned this from the pizza man!

13. He's playful.

14. And he can keep an apocalypse light.

15. See, he can handle his alcohol.

16. And other substances.

17. He delivers a killer insult.

18. But he will also FUCK YOUR SHIT UP.

19. Just. Back. Away.

20. Guys, he can literally destroy you with a snap of his fingers.

21. Luckily he knows how to make amends.

22. It helps that he's cute as hell.

23. (You'll basically always forgive him.)

24. At the end of the day, he's just trying to do the best he can in increasingly impossible situations.

25. When the going gets tough, he will do whatever it takes for the greater good.

26. He is the ultimate rebel.

27. And he will always stand his ground.

28. But he still knows how to have fun! And that's why he's our favorite.

29. Just don't underestimate him.

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