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14 DIY Versions Of Your Favorite Childhood Snacks

You're an adult now. Show off your maturity and life skills by making grown-up versions of these grade school staples.

1. Fruit by the Foot, now with 100% fewer preservatives!

2. Girl scout cookies you can have. All. Year. Round.

3. Mocha popsicles. Why? Because you're an adult, that's why.

4. Find a bear-shaped cookie cutter and make big-person Teddy Grahams.

5. Or some cheesy fish-shaped crackers.

6. Candy buttons! If you eat the paper (and we all eat the paper) think of it as your daily fiber.

7. Don't worry, you can still pretend you're a monster and bite the heads off all your animal crackers.

8. And twist your Oreos apart to lick the frosting.

9. These chicken nuggets are guaranteed not to contain surprise brains.

10. Here's some mac and cheese fit for a grown-up.

11. Go ahead and put all the frosting you want on your pop tarts -- Mom isn't looking.

12. And pile your pizza bagel bites high with cheese!

13. Crazy pancakes for dinner? Why not! Adults do what they want.

14. And sometimes what they want is gummi bears soaked in alcohol.