20 Totally Bizarre Hello Kitty Products

Official or not, the most amazing and bizarre Hello Kitty brand extensions spread through the internet, just to show how people (specially in asian countries) are so in love with this iconic Kawaii character. Take a look at 20 of the most unusual Hello kitty products around the Web.

1. Hello Kitty Townhouse Hotel in Hsinchu, Taiwan

2. Hello Kitty Pink Contact Lenses

3. Hello Kittty Humidifier

4. Hello Kitty Jet by EVA Air

5. Agip for Hello Kitty Motor Oil

6. Pall Mall / Hello Kitty Cigarettes with Pink Smoke

7. “Very Male” Hello Kitty Briefs

8. Hello Kitty Phone Booths, Tokyo

9. Hello Kitty Montabahn Pasties

10. Hello Kitty Tail Pipe

11. Hello Kitty Condom Key Chain

12. Hello Kitty Maternity Hospital, Taiwan

13. Hello Kitty Wines and Bubblies

14. Hello Kitty Toilet Soft Seat Cover

15. Hello Kitty Pads by Kotex

16. Hello Kitty Squishy Sweets

17. Hello Kitty Hotdog Maker

18. Hello Kitty Dental Braces

19. Hello Kitty & the Kiss Toilet Paper

20. Customized AR-15 Hello Kitty Rifle

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