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10 Cool Game Of Thrones Chair Ideas

For die-hard fans, HBO sells a quite expensive replica of the Iron throne, but you can always go DIY if you wish to be the King of the Seven Kingdoms for less. Choose your throne.

Sara Alves 5 years ago

15 Creative Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

From those 40 billion PET plastic bottles that are produced every year in the United States, two-thirds end up in the regular trash. Start recycling and reusing. Here are a few alternatives to help the environment in a creative way.

Sara Alves 5 years ago

15 Universally Bad Movies Improved By Grumpy Cat

If they only had the unique power of the feline phenomenon known as Grumpy Cat.

Sara Alves 5 years ago

20 Totally Bizarre Hello Kitty Products

Official or not, the most amazing and bizarre Hello Kitty brand extensions spread through the internet, just to show how people (specially in asian countries) are so in love with this iconic Kawaii character. Take a look at 20 of the most unusual Hello kitty products around the Web.

Sara Alves 5 years ago

20 Cats In Hats That Will Make You Think How Crazy Cat People Can Be

There's a reason why they rule the internet and a logic for their constant appearance in strange fashion ensembles. Cats can be entertaining in any way. Here are 20 apprehensive felines wearing the strangest headpieces provided by proud cat people.

Sara Alves 5 years ago