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    15 Creative Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

    From those 40 billion PET plastic bottles that are produced every year in the United States, two-thirds end up in the regular trash. Start recycling and reusing. Here are a few alternatives to help the environment in a creative way.

    Plastic Bottle Lamps

    Bottle Bottom Curtains

    Plastic Bottle Boat

    Mini Pet Bottle Greenhouse

    Plastic Bottle Utility Trays

    Plastic Bottle Bib Necklace

    Bleach and Water PET Light Bulb

    PET Bottle Purses

    Plastic Bottle Hanging Vase

    PET Bottle Bird Feeder

    Plastic Bottle Room Divider

    PET Newspaper Holder

    PET Bottle Hanging Garden

    PET Bottle Bracelet

    Pet Bottle Kitty Planters