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    19 Weird Kids Who Will Totally Make You Laugh


    1. When they tried to right their wrongs:

    2. When they asked the important questions:

    Andresrimaging / Getty Images

    3. When they were technically right:

    4. When they assumed sharks also listen to music:

    5. When they were savage AF:

    6. When they were all of us during the school year:

    7. When they had slightly different priorities:

    Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

    8. When they were figuring out how to work the system:

    9. When they didn't want to knock something before trying it:

    Blecha / Getty Images

    10. When they were just trying to pass on their ~coolness~:

    11. When they had their own takeaways for Disney movies:

    12. When they couldn't care less about your higher education:

    13. When they were prepared for the most stressful day of elementary school:

    14. When they dared to dream big:

    George Clerk / Getty Images

    15. When they were their own hype man:

    16. When they did the best with what was asked of them:

    17. When they were all of us:

    Jupiterimages / Getty Images

    18. When they decided to live in the moment:

    19. And finally, when this national treasure wasn't afraid to break the silence:

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