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21 Struggles You'll Only Understand If You've Ever Had A Period

"Ew, don't talk about your period." *Infinite eye rolls*

1. When you suspect your period is coming, you're constantly on guard.

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2. And when you realize your ~Aunt Flo~ is on her way, you understanding why you cried about fluffy clouds just two days prior.


3. Actually, everything makes you sad. And happy. And existential.


4. You have to choose your outfits based on how well they can hide a potential leak or bloating. UGH.

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5. Actually, the word "bloated" doesn't begin to describe how you feel.

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6. You start to get so much acne that you feel 13 again. And makeup just makes more appear.


7. Sneezing becomes a FREAKISHLY terrifying feat.


8. And pooping is a daunting task, and a completely new adventure than ~normal pooping.~

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9. You have an intense fear of standing up after sitting for a long time because who honestly KNOWS what could go wrong?

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10. Suddenly you have to do all this math in your head to figure out how long you can leave your tampon in and still survive.

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11. And your boobs feel sensitive AF, which is not a nice feeling.

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12. Deciding on a sleeping position requires strategic planning to make sure you don't move and bleed EVERYWHERE.

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13. You feel hungry, gross, and horny at the same damn time.


14. And it's probably best that you can't even afford all of the cravings you have, because you'd buy everything you're able to eat if you could.


15. You wouldn't be caught dead eating healthy food while you're on your period, because it'd be like eating air.


16. People get grossed out when you talk about your period, like they've never met anyone who has had one. OK, guys.


17. You often feel you're losing the war going on in your uterus and lower back.


18. And you HATE being told "the pain can't be that bad!" BECAUSE YES IT CAN.


19. You have to spending what feels like your life savings on menstruation materials. Like, give me a free sponge to absorb all this shit.


20. None of your guy friends will ever buy tampons or pads for you in an emergency. Like, people will suspect you're a good samaritan and helping a lady out.


21. And you wish to never hear this question from hell ever again: "Are you moody because you're on your period?"



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