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16 Of The Best Responses To The Female Lead In "Rogue One"

Because two strong female leads in one series is just too many, apparently.

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1. These revamped movie taglines.

Thanks to the youtube comments section, we now have our first taglines for Rogue One

2. These kids with good taste.

what my 7yo son and 9yo daughter said about Rogue One: * OMG * SO GOOD * I WANT TO SEE THAT what they didn't say: * EW A GIRL THIS IS SJW BS

3. This unfortunate truth.

Attitudes towards women a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away seem far, far better than they are in the modern GOP. #RogueOne

4. This sass master.

Maybe this is my male insecurity talking, but I saw the #RogueOne trailer and I'm like, dames in outer space? Now I've heard EVERYTHING.

5. This guy that's thinking about the big picture.

If you think those guys moaning about women in Rogue One are mad now, imagine how they'll be when they find out how many women live on Earth

6. This succinct summary.

NH: male lead ESB: male lead ROTJ: male lead Ep1: male lead Ep2: male lead Ep3: male lead TFA: female lead R1: female lead. END OF THE WORLD

7. This person waiting for their beverage to accompany their cookie.

Wow, the comments on youtube/twitter on #RogueOne having 'yet another female lead' are just a delight.

8. This great use of a Snape GIF.

Dear dudebros complaining about #RogueOne's female lead:

9. Praise for the trailer that's amazing in more ways than one.

There are, by my reckoning, 10 lines of dialogue in the #RogueOne trailer. Women say 5 of them. When your TRAILER passes the Bechdel Test...

10. This fun fact.

Did you know the klaxon in the #RogueOne trailer sounds every time a Men's Rights Activist gets annoyed the film has a female protagonist

11. This reading into the "whiny fanbois'" mind.

prequels: male lead original trilogy: male lead everyone: crickets tfa & rogue one: female lead whiny fanbois: WHYY?!? WHY MUST U OPPRESS US

12. From Indian Lakes giving us a sneak peek at their next album.

Gross male Star Wars fans mad about another powerful female lead is probably top of the list for album titles right now.

13. This response to "The Vindicator".

14. Someone summarizing it like it is.

Star Wars: *has 777464656746 white male characters* Men: Star Wars: *has a few strong female characters* Men: FEMINAZIS RUINING EVERYTHIN

15. This very valid point.

If you have a problem with a female lead in another Star Wars movie, we don't need you. Move along.

16. This very important reminder.

Is every film with a female lead gonna be labeled as feminist pandering now? Regardless of the writing or quality of the character?

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