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The 25 Most Awesome Things About Being A Server

Everybody should work at least a month in a restaurant before they're allowed to eat in one.

1. Being cheery.

2. Being polite.

3. Heeding every request.

4. Kids.

5. When a table pretends you don't exist.

6. When someone doesn't tip for absolutely no reason.

7. How even if a dish looks like this when you drop it off...

This is what it looks like when you pick it back up.

8. Not dropping things.

9. Finding things in the POS.

10. Cleaning. And cleaning. And cleaning.

11. Sidework.

12. That even if this is what the front of house looks like:

This is what the back looks like:

13. Chefs.

14. And how they believe if a customer sends something back or wants to modify an order, it is YOUR idea.

But how when something's the kitchen's fault, they're all like:

15. That if you don't speak Spanish, you can swear in it.

16. This is your dinner.

17. You eat it standing up.

18. Your manager.

19. The other servers, too.

20. Especially that one who's letting the job get to her a little too much.

21. You pay everything, including your rent, in cash.

22. Though you're uninsured, you do have a good doctor.

23. You rock the sexiest footwear.

24. In all seriousness, though, being a server can be awesome, especially when you've finally closed.

Because nobody parties like people in the service industry.

In sum:

25. See you Friday at 5.