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How Pie Keeps Me Steady

I've loved baking pie since I was a kid. In recent years, while writing a book about schizophrenia, I began to think more about why.

Sandy Allen 2 years ago

"How Simple Is That?": At Home With Ina Garten

Whether she's comfortable with it or not, the Barefoot Contessa star has one of the most devoted fandoms among cookbook giants. An unprecedented look inside her picture-perfect empire.

Sandy Allen 3 years ago

I Was The Best Fake Attorney in America

In 2005, I won the High School Mock Trial National Championships, a victory that was both huge and, to most people, meaningless. Ten years later, I returned to nationals to try and make sense of what that victory meant — and what this competitive celebration of our legal system even is.

Sandy Allen 4 years ago

Police Were Called To Take Teresa Sheehan To A Hospital. Instead, They Shot Her Seven Times.

In 2008, San Francisco police were called to help transport a woman with mental illness to a hospital. Instead, they shot her seven times and she was charged with five felonies. This is the story of how police became our nation's mental health care workers, and how Teresa Sheehan's family has fought for her before the shooting — and since.

Sandy Allen 4 years ago

23 Of Our Favorite Feature Stories We Published This Year

A housewife who became the first woman to fly around the world. The boxer who integrated Louisiana. A deep-dive into the 60-word basis for the war on terror and an exploration of whether elementary schoolers should be locked up for plotting to kill their classmates. A debauched week in the world's largest retirement community, a weekend at a clown convention, and 36 hours on the fake campaign trail with Donald Trump. Here's a look back at some of the great feature stories BuzzFeed News published in 2014.

Sandy Allen 5 years ago

Why I Still Love "Rent"

The 1996 musical about AIDS-afflicted artists scandalized and inspired my romantic teenage self. Figuring out what Rent got totally wrong about adult life — and right.

Sandy Allen 5 years ago

How Climate Change Will End Wine As We Know It

Hotter and less predictable temperatures mean that much of the world’s premium wine regions are now under threat and new ones are emerging. How the wine industry is — and isn't — reacting says a lot about the future of agriculture.

Sandy Allen 5 years ago