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    Jun 24, 2013

    15 Signs You're Eating Dinner

    Is there a plate in front of you? Is it dark out?

    1. You're seated in a chair.

    2. There's a plate in front of you.

    3. There's food on the plate.

    4. It's dark outside.

    5. The food's probably not waffles.

    6. Table's where you are.

    7. You're not swimming.

    8. Maybe you have a fork.

    9. Who ARE these people?

    They're your family / spouse / partner / roommates. Or they're nobody because you live alone or nobody else is home right now.

    10. Oh, you're at home.


    11. Or maybe you're at a restaurant!

    12. You totally have a napkin.

    13. Nobody's chasing you.


    14. Later you'll be asleep.

    15. Soup course!