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100 Campaigns Slogan Sure To Get You Elected

Get your message across with one of these powerful, pro-America messages.

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Every strong candidate needs a strong slogan.

Here are dozens of options guaranteed to get you elected!

1. Behold The Gorgeous Fjords Of America

2. USA? More Like USGreat

3. Mourning In America

4. Let's Get Sweaty, America

5. Moving Forward, Slightly

6. Let's Make Canada Our Own

7. America On, Clothes Off

8. Free Cars For Everyone

9. Tippecanoe and Tyler Too 2

10. The Time Is Nigh, Sinners

11. I Swear To God I Will Kill Myself If I Don't Win

12. 54-40oz to Freedom

13. Come Get Some (Freedom)

14. USA = U Stink, America

15. No More Wars!

16. No, More Wars!

17. The Choice Of A New Generation

18. This Time, It's Personal

19. Onward, Upward, And Backward

20. I'd Vote For You If You Were Running


21. Vote For Me And I'll Stop Bugging You, I Swear

22. Hopes, Dreams, And A Whole Lotta' Butts

23. Deport The Poor

24. More America For More Americans

25. Isn't It Time We Had A Big, Fat Slob In The White House?


27. Clean, Clear, And Under Control

28. Don't Talk To Me Until I've Had My Coffee

29.Listen Up, Idiots

30. You're Gonna Like The Way You Vote, I Guarantee It

31. Get Off Me! Get Off Me!

32. Oh, Like You Could Do A Better Job?

33. Look, I Don't Like America Any More Than You Do

34. If Aliens Attack, I Am Ready

35. I Like My America Like I Like My Coffee: Boiling Hot

36. Now That's What I Call A President Vol. 45!

37. Inbox Zero For Everyone

38. Goth-In-Chief

39. Lower Taxes, Higher Taxes? You Tell Me.

40. Taxin' And Relaxin'

41. Dead And Loving It

42. Bringing Us Closer To The Mad Max Future Than Anyone Else

43. The Free Apple Watch Candidate

44. Allergic To Taxes

45. Parental Advisory: Explicit President

46. I. Don't. Read.

47. Sleep. Sleep, My Sweet Children.

48. Say "Ruff Ruff!" To Dog Suffrage

49. Anything Goes

50. Ghosts Are Real

51. The Fantastical, Fabularious, Phantasmagorical Candidate

52. Vote HAM

53. The Time Is Soon-Ish

54. This song will become the anthem of your underground /

You're two floors down getting high in the back room /

If I flooded out your house, do you think you'd make it out /

or would you burn up before the water filled your lungs?

55. I Can't Be Killed

56. Hot Chicks And Rad Tricks

57. Feelin' Slick

58. Keeping America Safe If Possible

59. Close Our Borders And Our Barnes & Nobles

60. Hidin' & Slidin'


61. Keep America Sexy

62. Resistance Is Futile

63. Reality Shows For Everyone

64. Safety. Security. Sassiness.

65. The Kardashian Kandidate

66. In It To Twin It

67. $$$

68. Hunker In Your Bunker

69. I H8 Nerds

70. Give Me That .Gov Email Address

71. More Like "Free-Dumb"

72. Keeping It Real

73. Please Give Me A Chance

74. An America Even You Can Believe In

75. A Promise So Vague No One Could Break It

76. We're Doing Pretty Good, Aren't We?

77. I'm Changing My Name To Thomas Jefferson

78. My Dad Could Beat Up Your Dad

79. Vote For Me, I'll Make Reba VP

80. I'll Just Sit Here Quietly

81. Fuck The Haters

82. Why Not, America?

83. The Party Candidate For A Party Country

84. I'll Drink You Under A Table Of Your Choice

85. Screaming Until I Get What I Want

86. Dance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight

87. Not The President We Deserve, The President We Need Right Now

88. Less Evil Than I Could Be

89. If I Win, I'll Get A Crazy Face Tattoo

90. Only Running To Impress Girls I Went To High School With

91. Power. Prestige. Passion. Watch Empire, Wednesday Nights On Fox

92. I Just Can't Wait To Be King

93. Vote 4: Me

94. Yes We American

95. For More Years?

96. Don't Not Forget To Vote For Me On Opposite Day!

97. You All Everybody

98. Me? President? Sure, I Guess.

99. Just Crazy Enough To Work

100. Is That Your Final Answer?