Top 90 Under 90 In The 90s

BuzzFeed likes the 90s, right? WELL, GET READY FOR SOME TRIPLE NINETIES ACTION. Here are the top 90 under 90 in the 90s. This list was ordered with science. Part two in a series.

90. George Clooney

The eternal Clooney was 37 in 1999 and just starting to get sexy, honestly. We should all be so lucky.

89. Mel Gibson

The handsome actor was 42 years old in 1999. FREEEEDOOOOMMMMMMM. You know how this story ends.

88. The Furby

The Furby, which sounds cuter when you don’t think about how it comes from a portmanteau of “fur baby,” was one year old in 1999.

87. Hosni Mubarak

The Egyptian strongman was 70 in 1999, a simpler time when Arab Spring was simply Poland Spring’s ill-fated attempt to enter the Levantine market.

86. Ben Affleck

This freaking guy. He was 26 in 1999, and had already won an Oscar for the Good Will Hunting screenplay with Matt Damon. Four years away from Gigli. Fifteen years away from Argo. What a career.

85. George H.W. Bush

A thousand points of light shone on the 41st president’s 74th birthday in 1999.

84. Demi Moore

The future Mrs. Kutcher and ex-Mrs. Kutcher was 36 in 1999.

83. Mother Teresa

The humanitarian was 86 when she died in 1997.

82. Ken Griffey, Jr.

The Kid was 29 in 1999.

81. Slobodan Milosevic

The Serbian president of Yugoslavia was 57 (and under the guns of NATO) in 1999.

80. J.K. Rowling

Jo was 33 and working hard on Prisoner of Azkaban in 1999.

79. Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

Bibi was 49 and between premierships in 1999.

78. Brad Pitt

Brad was 35 and happily dating Jennifer Aniston in 1999.

77. Patrick Swayze

46 in 1999.

76. Harrison Ford

The 90s would have been Harrison Ford’s best decade if not for the one-armed man who killed his wife. He was 56 in 1999.

75. John F. Kennedy, Jr.

John-John was 38 when he died in a plane crash in 1999.

74. Jerry Seinfeld

The comedian was 44 in 1999. But imagen if he was 44 today??

73. Madeleine Albright, 64th Secretary of State

The first woman to be Secretary of State was 61 in 1999.

72. Mary Kate Olsen

12 years old in 1999.

71. Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty the Queen was 72 years young in 1999.

70. Jerry Springer

The former mayor of Cincinnati was 54 in 1999. Be good to each other.

69. Nelson Mandela

Friends with rugby player Matt Damon, the first post-apartheid president of South Africa was 80 in 1999.

68. James Earl Jones

He was 67 in 1999.

67. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ahnuld was 51 in 1999, and was still four years from terminating poor Gray Davis’ administration.

66. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo was just 24 in 1999.

65. O.J. Simpson

The Juice was 51 in 1999, in the midst of his judicial interregnum.

64. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

JTT was 17 in 1999. No idea how old that bouquet is, though.

63. Newt Gingrich

Speaker Gingrich was 55 in 1999, frankly.

62. Ashley Olsen

The child star was 12 in 1999.

61. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson had almost completed his transition from King of Pop to androgynous weirdo by the time he turned 40 in 1999.

60. Jiang Zemin, President of the People’s Republic of China

“The Zeminator,” as his friends affectionately called him, was 72 in 1999.

59. The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls were formed midway through the 1990s and had been around for three years in 1999. Zig a zig ah.

58. Julia Roberts

America’s sweetheart was 31 in 1999. Don’t be afraid.

57. Janet Reno

The U.S. Attorney General was 60 in 1999. Dance party.

56. The Backstreet Boys

The Backstreet Boys had been around for six years in 1999, and had already been gone long enough to back (all right).

55. The Personal Computer

The Apple II was born in 1977, making the age of the PC 23 in 1999. Remember MacArt? Yeah, you do.

54. Britney Spears

It was not yet “Britney, bitch.” It was “Britney, friend!” She was nice. And 17 in 1999! SEVENTEEN!

53. Secretary General Boutros-Boutros Ghali

The UN leader was 76 in 1999. Double Boutros all the way across the sky.

52. Mike Myers

Man, this was Mike Myers’ decade. Wayne’s World. Austin Powers. But somewhere in the back of that silly looking Canadian head was the seed that eventually bloomed into the corpse flower we know today as “The Love Guru.” And this we cannot forgive. 35 in 1999.

51. Alanis Morissette

She was 24 in 1999, which is ironic in the same way that her song was.

50. Anita Hill

Hill was 42 in 1999.

49. Tom Hanks

Hanks’ prime. Won Best Actors two years in a row. Met President Kennedy (kinda). And still just 42 in 1999.

48. Hillary Rodham Clinton

She went by Rodham Clinton then. She was 51 in 1999.

47. Ralph Macchio

The original karate kid was 37(!) in 1999.

46. Alan Greenspan, Chairman of the Federal Reserve


45. Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner made Waterworld in 1995. So.

43 in 1999.

44. Will Smith

Awwwwwwwww, here we go. 30 in 1999, and probably not a Scientologist. Yet.

43. Green Day

Haha, this band has been around forever. They’d been around for ten years already in 1999.

42. Jeff Goldblum

Where would you say you’re looking at this picture of Jeff Goldblum? Internet? I’d say internet! 46 in 1999.

41. Whitney Houston

Whitney in better times. 35 in 1999.

40. Al Gore

Our nerdiest Vice President was 50 in 1999.

39. Noah Wyle

Dr. Carter was stealing hearts at 27 in 1999.

38. Denzel Washington

He should have kept the goatee. Look at that thing. Amazing. 44 in 1999.

37. Hubble Space Telescope

This thing was initially thought to be a huge white elephant after its pictures came all blurry. But then we fixed it and it’s been awesome ever since. Totally deserves to be on this list. 8 years old in 1999.

36. Macaulay Culkin

Kevin McAllister probably should have been charged with torture for what he did in the Home Alone movies to those poor Wet Bandits. 18 in 1999.

35. Elian Gonzalez

Elian showed up as a guest star on the absurdist sit-com we call Florida at the age of 5 in 1999. That was a fun episode.

34. Tupac Shakur

Tupac would have been (was) 28 had he been alive (he was) in 1999.

33. Diana, Princess of Wales

The People’s Princess died at the age of 36 in 1997.

32. Slap Bracelets

These were fun, right? Remember these? Of course you do, this is BuzzFeed. Invented by a high-school shop teacher in Wisconsin, these suckers were 16 years old in 1999.

31. Robin Williams

Mork was 47 in 1999. It’s not your fault.

30. Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of Germany

The first post-unification Chancellor and founder of discount clothier Kohl’s was 68 years old in 1999.

29. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston was 29 in 1999. She had a lot of Friends in the 90s.

…get it?

Friends was also the name of the popular television series she starred in. Humor is great!

28. David Foster Wallace

The Infinite Jest author was 36 in 1999.

27. Olympia Dukakis

The latter half of paparazzo favorite celebrity couple Billympia (together with William H. Macy, of course) was 67 in 1999.

26. Celine Dion

The Canadian songstress was 30 in 1999. We were all there in her heart, man.

25. Adam Sandler

He was still pretty funny in the 90s. 32 in 1999.

24. Saddam Hussein

This guy. 61 in 1999.

23. Third Eye Blind

Doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo. They’d been around for six years by 1999.

22. Ray Liotta

Henry Hill had it all in the 90s. Whatever happened to him? We’d Google, but we don’t feel like it. If you know what happened to Ray Liotta you can leave it in the comments, we guess. 44 in 1999.

21. Haley Joel Osment

Pay it Forward, right? Kind of a stupid movie but oh, man, this kid. We cried. You cried. We all cried. He was 10 in 1999.

20. Mikhail Gorbachev

In the 1980s, Mikhail Gorbachev was a bold reformer leading one of the world’s two superpowers into a new era. In the 1990s, he was in this Pizza Hut ad. 67 years old in 1999.

19. Bruce Willis

Willis’ decade was the 80s, that is not in dispute. But he was pretty great in Pulp Fiction and a bunch of other stuff we can’t remember right now. 43 in 1999.

18. Tonya Harding

We were going to put Nancy Kerrigan on this list but she had a broken leg and had to bow out. 29 in 1999.

17. *NSYNC

Why is the star before the N? It should be between the N and the S. I’m going to write an angry letter now! “Dear Justin, Lance, and you other three guys…”

They’d been around for four years in 1999.

16. Pope John Paul II

Everyone liked this Pope. He was mostly fine. He didn’t care for Communists, we guess, but that was more in the 80s. So, like lots of other things about the 90s, just, you know, fine. 78 in 1999.

15. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson was a crazyperson and the undisputed dominant force in boxing. In 1992 he was convicted of rape. In 1997 he bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear for some reason. What a bizarre career. 32 in 1999.

14. Vaclav Havel, First President of the Czech Republic

One of the coolest dudes you’ve never heard of. Successfully managed Czechoslovakia’s transition to democracy and capitalism after the fall of the USSR. Also an acclaimed playwright. An anti-communist dissident, spent multiple stays in jail. Probably the first actual hipster president in Eastern Europe? 62 years old in 1999.

13. U2

WITH OR WITHOUT YOUUUUUUUU. They’d been around for 23 years(!) in 1999.

12. Boris Yeltsin

Haha, drunk uncle Boris. Tank-stander-onner and first democratically elected president of Russia. 67 in 1999.

11. Richard Gere

Richard Gere (hamster not pictured). 49 years old in 1999.

10. Tony Blair

A young Blair swept to power in the 1997 UK general election. He had a pretty good 90s, all said and done, and the less spoken of the following decade for him, the better. 45 in 1999.

9. Kirstie Alley

In the 1990s, Kirstie Alley was on Cheers, starred in Look Who’s Talking, and judging by this picture appears to have won a People’s Choice Award for something or other (we’re not googling that). So, you know, the people have just always been fantastic at choosing, we guess. 47 in 1999.

8. All the Rugrats

They were sort of growed up by 1999, but I don’t know if I would say they were “all growed up.” They’d been around for eight years in 1999.

7. Mario

Plumber. Overall and monogrammed hat enthusiast. Hero. Mario was 19 and just escaping his angsty teenage plumbing years in 1999.

6. Betty White

Betty may have looked 90+, but she was a spry 74 in 1999.

5. Deng Xiaoping, Chinese economic reformer

Deng Xiaoping, who entered the 1990s at the age of 86 so we’re going to let him slide, is basically the reason that China became an economic colossus, so major props to him. He ranks just behind…

4. Screech from Saved by the Bell

Do we even have to explain this? Nope. We don’t. 22 in 1999.

3. Clint Eastwood

He went ahead and made our decade. 68 in 1999.

2. Bill Clinton

He was still President in 1999 at the age of 52. And not yet a vegan. Look at him with that saxophone. So cool.

1. Michael Jordan

By acclamation the G.O.A.T. Jordan dominated the 1990s in his field and in popular culture in a way that’s tough to capture. The best way to convey it is… this.

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