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    24 Of The Most Justin Bieber Things To Ever Happen

    We're all Beliebers.

    1. That time he visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and said he hoped Anne Frank would have been a Belieber.

    2. When he was VERY comfortable with his body, and stripped down to his boxers at 2014's Fashion Rocks event.

    Theo Wargo / Via Getty Images

    3. When he grew "facial hair."

    4. When he wore this um, "colorful" bucket hat.

    5. That time he worked on new music in his kitchen... without his headphones plugged in.

    6. That time he took this picture and used the caption "@kendalljenner @kyliejenner who's your daddy."

    7. That time he allegedly got into a fight with Orlando Bloom.

    8. When he revealed what he is most passionate about.

    Theo Warger / Via Getty Images

    9. When he compared himself to the immortal Michael Jackson.

    10. When he got a pet monkey and named it OG Mally, only for it to be detained by German authorities while Bieber was on tour.

    11. Every time he uploaded a gratuitous gym selfie. Which happens like, VERY often.

    12. When he completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge... twice. Because when you're Justin Bieber, you go big or you go home.

    13. When he taught us his swaggy secrets.

    Bradley Kanaris / Via Getty Images

    14. That time he wore this outfit, which was bizarre even by Coachella standards.

    Kevin Winter / Via Getty Images

    15. When he had a leopard-print sports car.

    16. When he revealed that even international pop stars struggle with their love lives.

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images

    17. That time he uploaded a picture of himself walking onto a plane wearing this "interesting" outfit.

    18. When he threw up on stage... because he drank too much milk.

    19. When he decided to wear overalls to meet the prime minister of Canada.

    20. Any time he wore his signature diaper pants.


    21. When he performed with these wings, because he is the Angel of Music or something like that.

    Ethan Miller / Via Getty Images

    22. That time he peed in a restaurant mop bucket and then yelled "Fuck Bill Clinton."

    23. That time he got his mom's eye tattooed on his arm, because "mom's always watching."

    24. And finally, that time he posed for THIS glorious mugshot.

    Getty Images Handout

    Yup. We are ALL Beliebers.

    I cut my hair and I saved the part which touched @justinbieber #BelieberThing

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    I cut my hair and I saved the part which touched @justinbieber #BelieberThing

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