26 Tweets That Catholics Will Find Sinfully Funny

Thank God for these tweets.

1. This important exchange that wasn’t in the Bible:

2. This awkward moment, because EVERY Catholic who’s seen Star Wars has experienced this:

Lucasfilm / Via Twitter: @plarkin347

3. This tweet that perfectly captures how badass it is to go to church:

4. This Ash Wednesday chart that only Catholics will understand:

5. And this tweet that perfectly captures the struggle of “forgetting” it’s Ash Wednesday:

6. This tweet that makes you realize 40 days actually feels like forever:

Big Machine / Via Twitter: @CatholicPrblm

7. This tweet that captures one of the many struggles of going to Catholic school:

8. And this tweet, when you’re the only one of your friends who went to Catholic school:

9. This description of how time flies when you’re having fun (or at least going to Mass):

10. This tweet that nails how old churchgoing habits die hard:

11. This perfect embodiment of how you flirt when you’re Catholic:

12. The necessities for every Lenten season:

13. This harsh moment that occurs during midnight Mass on Christmas Eve:

14. This text that every Catholic mom sends on Fridays during Lent:

15. This visual pun that is way too real:

16. This sign that perfectly captures Catholic guilt:

17. This Valentine that you’ll feel bad for laughing at it:

18. This meme that basically describes every Catholic on Fat Tuesday:

19. This sign that reminds you to save room for Jesus during school dances:

20. This feeling when you’re trying to remember what you “learned” during CCD back in the day:

21. This response that perfectly describes how it feels to wear a uniform to school:

22. This tweet that describes the “Catholic workout”:

23. This tweet that describes what it’s like when your mom makes you go to CCD:

when ur mom tells u that u have to go to school after school for 2 years to make ur confirmation🙃 #CatholicProblems

— sienna☽ (@_k_a_t___)

24. The awkward feeling of being left hanging during the sign of peace:

Miramax / Via Twitter: @EvvaLisette

25. This painful sensation that everyone who’s been to Mass has felt:

Universal / Via Twitter: @SCGenY

26. And finally, this tweet that perfectly captures the struggle of watching the clock during church:

Lucasfilm / Via Twitter: @KrPoplin

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