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    Donald Trump Served The Clemson Tigers Fast Food For Their White House Visit And The Jokes Are Good

    "Wow... nothing like cold hamburgers by candlelight..."

    Monday evening the Clemson Tigers football team visited the White House to celebrate their recent national championship victory.

    Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images

    To welcome the best college team in the country, President Trump had THIS dinner served up.

    POTUS with “great American food” for Clemson Tigers visiting WH.

    Trump called the dinner, which included Wendy's and McDonald's, "great American food."

    Pool / Getty Images

    According to reporters, most of the food was eaten, and according to professional creative truth-teller Sarah Sanders, the president paid for the dinner himself since most of residence staff at the White House is furloughed due to the government shutdown.

    1. Naturally, people had thoughts about Trump's choice in celebratory dinner:

    Catering a White House event with 300 fast food burgers would be a setpiece in a movie where a kid becomes president

    2. Like some STRONG thoughts:

    Clemson boys beat the greatest college coach ever in the natty for the 2nd time in 4 years and yalls president got em eating filet'o fish by candlelight

    3. Although some respected it as a power move:

    Laugh at this as much as you like, but few of us will ever get to order 300 various fast food burgers and assemble them like this. It's a real privilege of the office.

    4. People questioned how cold it was when the Tigers actually got to eat it:

    Think about how long ago that fast food had to be prepared in order to get it into the White House by now and how cold it is

    5. While others said it was just a straight-up disaster:

    @robertarampton @jdawsey1 Fyre Fest, White House edition

    6. Some jokes were made:

    @DragonflyJonez do you know how racist you gotta be to order $300 worth of fast food and not get a single spicy chicken

    7. And some pointed out the cinematic parallels to a certain Will Ferrell movie:

    8. Yup, I think I can totally see it:

    @Joesportscaller @robertarampton Trump when his staff tell him not to tweet:

    9. Although some people were mad at where Trump chose to spend his money:

    @robertarampton @jdawsey1 I found that very insulting to local small business restaurants.

    10. And thought it could have gone somewhere else:

    @GregA1313 @robertarampton @jdawsey1 Agree! There are so many local restaurants in DC they could have catered from and they picked fast food.

    11. And apparently some Tigers had some thoughts on the food too, even though they finished most of it:

    POTUS serving only the best in fast food. “Our nutrionist must be having a fit” Clemson player says

    12. The whole scene seemed surreal to people:

    @robertarampton Props to the guy lighting the decorative candles over this feast of Wendy's McDonald's and Taco Bell

    13. And people noticed funny details, like the fact Trump didn't take off his coat even though he was indoors:

    @robertarampton Why is he wearing his coat in the dining room?

    14. And they even joked at reasons for that:

    @WhatJohnSed @robertarampton Yeah, WTF, did he furlough the guy who stokes the furnace?

    15. Maybe Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide are at peace with their loss now:

    @robertarampton @AlabamaFTBL currently happy they lost the championship

    16. People roasted Trump that he probably thought this spread was the finest the White House has ever seen:

    @robertarampton I can already hear him...

    17. And even though we all love fast food, some pointed out that maybe this wasn't the time or place:

    Look I enjoy fast food as much as the next person, in fact I’m enjoying a 2019 Baja Blast right now. But, if I show up in a suit and you offer me McDonalds on a platter...

    18. And finally, at least we should be getting some pretty good Saturday Night Live pieces out of this:

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