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29 Times Mariah Carey Slayed Your Faves On Instagram

The Emancipation of Mimigram.

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1. When she was a woman of the people and wasn't above riding public transportation.

2. When she pushed Rudolph out of the way and took the lead on Santa's Sleigh.

3. When she graciously posed with a struggling artist.

4. When she worked her angles FLAWLESSLY while wrangling a wild koala.

5. When she proved she was the Queen of Multitasking while warming up AND going through hair & makeup at the same time.

6. When she cleaned her house while singing, proving she is the One True Elusive Chanteuse.

7. When she was the siren with the highest vocal range of ANY living creature in this picture.

8. When she SLAYED all your Disney Princess faves.

9. When she showed up every other mother at the playground by playing with her kids in a gown and heels.

10. When she took a night swim in a very expensive gown, like a true DIVA.

11. When she taught us the CORRECT way to say "pecan."

That debate is now settled.

12. When she re-created A Charlie Brown Christmas at her house just because SHE CAN.

13. When she basked under the rays of the sun, as the pool fountain slowly whispered "Nicki Minaj is terrible," because, yes, she really is that MAGICAL.

14. When she showed us that a TRUE A-LISTER wears gowns while traveling by private jet.

Sweatpants and Uggs are so bourgeois.

15. When she turned water into Cristal.

16. When she was so overcome by the power of her own voice that she needed to have a "praise Jesus moment" on top of a piano.

17. When she let us know that unlike other people, she really doesn't need makeup, 'cause she really is that naturally pretty.

She woke and went to sleep like this.

18. When she entertained all of New York City from atop the Empire State Building.

They say that if you listened closely you could hear her all the way to Albany.

19. When she fulfilled her patriotic duty to vote like a true queen, shades and all.

20. Just... whatever is going on here...

21. ...and here, where she is rocking a CANDY SHELL BRA. Could your faves EVEN???

22. When she brought out her inner Ina Garten and proved she deserves her own Food Network show. "All I Want For Christmas Is Food," maybe?

23. When she walked her dog. In a bikini. In the snow.


24. When she looked like a "Vision Of Love" in her hospital pic. Black and white, to boot!

25. Then when she took a "cast" picture with Jane Fonda. Because if you're going to injure your arm, you may as well get a good Insta out of it.

26. And of course when she rocked a bedazzled sling that MATCHED her floor-length ball gown. Mariah doesn't get injured — it's just an opportunity to accessorize.

27. When she tried to trick us into believing she does her own hair and makeup. AS IF. Mariah, we know you have a style team of like, 20 at your beck and call.

28. When her legendary closet was so fabulous, she didn't even need to leave her house to go shopping.

29. And finally, when she generously let us Lambs see the left side of her face.

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