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    12 Incredible Celebrity #TBT Photos You Need To See From This Week

    An EPIC 52-year-old picture of Sir Ian McKellen kicks of this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

    1. Sir Ian McKellen shared this glorious shot that is more than five decades old...he's posing outside the SAME theater that he will be performing King Lear at starting this Friday!

    #TBT on a fine summer day in 1965. I posed outside @ChichesterFT where, 52 years later, I will be on stage as King…

    2. It's not from one celeb, but whoever is running the Backstreet Boys' Twitter account shared this too-good-to-be-true gem from back in the day.

    We think all these outfits are making a comeback... just not on us. #TBT

    3. Kenny G (who is low-key AMAZING at social media) tweeted out this super saxy photo from the '90s.

    4. Josh Peck showed off his throwback fashion sense in this Planet Hollywood vest, and all I want to know is if it comes in an adult medium.

    5. Ice T posted this (low-res LOL) picture with fellow rapper Fat Joe.

    TBT We go way back.. Young @fatjoe Respect ✊

    6. Here's a throwback photo Skylar Astin shared where he's holding a dove (Benji's!!!) on the set of Pitch Perfect.

    TBT to Benji's dove in the dorm room.

    7. Danny Trejo shared this pic of him posing with his stunt double from Machete Kills.

    #TBT 2013 with my stunt double from @MacheteKills!

    8. Dancing With The Stars cast member Cheryl Burke shared this oh-so-cute picture of herself as a little girl (and is it me or does the girl behind her look like a child version of Brittany from GLEE?)

    Every time I step on the floor I'm reminded of this little girl, who has had all her dreams come true. #tbt…

    9. Gillian Anderson got punny with this picture she posted (just read the caption).

    Is my goofiness too on the nose? #tbt

    10. Mackenzie and Maddie Ziegler look ADORABLE in this shot which is probably from like, 2011.

    11. Gina Gershon. Jennifer Tilly. Mid-'90s fashion. Need I say more?

    #TBT mid 90's. With Gina Gershon at the Grand Havana Room.

    12. And finally, since it *IS* September 21, Common shared this clip of Earth, Wind & Fire!

    Since today is actually the 21st of September, I had to! #earthwindandfire #tbt

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