16 Ina Garten Jokes That Are Both Gourmet And Hilarious

    Store-bought is fine.

    1. This Grindr profile that is a million times sexier than any shirtless torso you've ever seen:

    2. When that twinkling elevator music comes on and you can barely contain your excitement:

    3. The start of every Barefoot Contessa episode:

    4. This hilarious mashup that needs to happen:

    5. When you're finally onto her dark secret:

    ina garten has had nine "jeffrey's. she is wearing them out faster and faster these days. she is growing too powerful

    6. This hilarious meme...

    7. ...that never gets old:

    8. When you realize you'll never be able to afford Ina's champagne Hamptons lifestyle:

    9. This smug grin:

    10. Just...whatever is going on here:

    11. This amazing Gilmore Girls tribute to our queen:

    12. How you WISH she spoke to the camera:

    13. This perfect summary of every recipe she makes:

    14. Thinking about her imaginary (or maybe it's real! IDK) feud with Sandra Lee:

    15. I mean, Katy and Taylor are shaking:

    16. And finally, this Snapchat that is almost too good to be true: