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    You Need To Try The "Orange Drink" At Starbucks Because It Has The Range

    Unfortunately there is still no word that rhymes with "Orange."

    Hi! This summer has truly been one for the ages when it comes to colorful, "secret"* Starbucks drinks. Earlier in the year, people on Instagram were LOSING IT for the "Pink Drink" and "Purple Drink" — ourselves included.

    Well, there's a new kid on the block with regards to Starbucks' secret rainbow arsenal — the appropriately-nicknamed "Orange Drink."

    The "Orange Drink" recipe is pretty straightforward: coconut milk, orange mango mix, and vanilla bean powder — so this is what you should ask for if you wanna try it.

    Naturally, we had to try out this mythical concoction. Would it be better than the "Pink" and "Purple Drinks"? Only time and our taste buds could tell.

    Here's what Casey thought about the "Orange Drink":

    And here's what Sam thought about the "Orange Drink":

    Final Verdict: Orange > Pink > Purple. LONG LIVE THE "ORANGE DRINK."