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    Feb 4, 2015

    34 Meanings Of Boys' Names That You Really Need To Know

    Take it from Urban Dictionary, you should date a Chris.

    1. Calvin

    Call him Commando Calvin!

    2. Alex

    He must pay his rent on time.

    3. Robert

    Someone get Robert a stick of gum, ASAP!!!

    4. Nick

    Nick would make a great Uber driver.

    5. Brian

    Brians sound... intense.

    6. Chris

    TL;DR: We all need a Chris in our lives.

    7. Dave

    Good to know!

    8. Patrick

    9. Colin

    Hide your cats and dogs when Colin is around, apparently.

    10. Michael

    And probably eats Activia.

    11. Dan

    Wait... what's wrong with Kesha?

    12. Steve

    Makes you look at Steve Carrell in a different way, doesn't it?

    13. Ben

    Ben there... done that!

    14. Adam

    So the Bible tells me so.

    15. Eric

    ELT with a Coke, please!

    16. Jeff

    Jeff knows what's UP.

    17. Andrew

    You know what they say about guys with giant hands... they're named Andrew.

    18. Matt

    Matts seem pretty awesome, TBH.

    19. Harry

    Harry is a juggernaut!

    20. Joe

    Someone needs to lend Joe a hand.

    21. George

    Well, that certainly explains the American Revolution.

    22. John

    John needs a Gatorade, ASAP.

    23. Keith

    Beware the redhead Keiths of the world!

    24. Kevin

    Kevin needs to be house trained.

    25. Christian

    Fun fact: Not all Christians are Christian!

    26. James

    I mustache you a question James, but I'll shave it for later.

    27. Mark

    Where my Jessicas at?!?!

    28. Peter

    Peter will wait three hours to text you back and probably roots for the Cleveland Browns, but at least he'll make you smile!

    29. Zach

    My question: Does he ever get out of the corn maze?

    30. Ryan

    But what do you call a Ryan outside a movie theater?

    31. Sam

    I agree with this one.

    32. Tom

    Well, that wasn't HARD to define.

    33. Trevor

    ~The more you know.~

    34. Will

    TL;DR: Do not get in the way of a Will.

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