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Literally Just A Bunch Of Queer Tweets That Will Make You Proud AF

We're here, we're queer, we're gonna laugh.

1. First of all, here's what LGBT *really* stands for:

2. And what Pride is REALLY about:

Happy Pride Month aka Carly Rae Jepsen Appreciation Month

3. Here's what it's like being queer in a nutshell:

4. And our permanent 2017 mood:

5. When the floor isn't lava, but it's something even worse:

6. Like, really...why are str8 PPL so pressed?

7. Really, really pressed:

Me: Happy Pride to all the gays 🌈 Straight person:

8. Like, we've all been here before:

The Straights™: *been using "gay" as an insult forever LGBT: *makes a joke about str8 people* The Straights™: HOW DARE U WHAT ABOUT EQUALITY

9. And while we're at it, cheers to the Babadook being a queer icon now:

happy pride month from queer icon the babadook

10. We're all BabaSHOOK:

The Babadook celebrated his first pride this year

11. This important warning:

straight people who try to talk to me during pride month are committing a hate crime

12. Basically, how to spend all 30 days of June:

13. But we'll all settle for this:

you: it's june me, an intellectual: it's pride month

14. Because this is how we all are:

me: my sexuality doesn't define me me during pride month: wearing my gayest outfit, draped in a pride flag, pride stickers everywhere

15. Like, we're extra to the extra'th degree:

Me at work during Pride month:

16. This important warning:

homophobic dudes should remember that there are millions of potential LGBT members in their testicles right now

17. And this equally as important question:

18. You during your first Pride...

Going to your first Pride after coming out

19. ...vs. You when you're a seasoned Pride veteran:

Financially supporting Pride now that you're an adult with coins

20. When you have to clarify your sexuality:

me when someone asks if i'm straight

21. When someone says being queer is a sin:

You guys concentrate on celebrating Gay Pride. I'll cover Gay Sloth, Gay Gluttony, Gay Anger, Gay Envy, Gay Greed and Gay Lust for you.

22. And you know you're a big deal when you've got Smash Mouth's support:

23. Here's to ALLLLLLL the colors of the rainbow:

Queer is a great word that can mean "long term straight partner but some experimental flirting" or "gay but reads critical theory"

24. And finally, not a *funny* tweet, but an incredibly important sentiment:

remember what it felt like when you saw a queer person owning it, and it gave you permission to be yourself? You're that person to someone